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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web to print? Often referred to as W2P, web-to-print or web2print.

This refers to the dynamic generation of print templates using only a computer and an internet browser. It makes the ordering of print and even non print products quick and easy.

Do I need any web skills to create print product online?

The user will need no design or print expertise as the template is often structured to be simply edited in specific text and image areas. It may also allow you to create QR codes or upload simple csv or excel data to merge with the template.

How does a web to print template solution make ordering a product easy?

No skill is required by the end user to build a print product using a web to print template. The design is already formatted and therefore absolutely no design ability is required. The end user does not need to understand or worry about bleed, margins or fonts. Templates can contain rules to ensure the product is correct and it therefore should follow brand guidelines. Really it should be fool proof!

Why is web to print becoming so popular?

There is a shift to modern online self-service models that we now find in many aspects of our daily life. It is a fast and convenient way to access print online 24/7. Print service providers are now starting to catch up with other industries that have offered self-service for many years.

What marketing would I need to think about for a Business to Consumer storefront similar to this demo site?

You can grow your B2C storefront slowly and organically by promoting the online site yourself in your own newsletters, emails and other marketing materials. For faster growth you will need to think about some or all of the following; Creating an appealing online brand (who is your target client?), Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation (SE0), CPC (Cost-per-Click) Advertising, WOMM and Social Media, Data Capture for marketing, Website Analytics, Email Marketing, Advertising and in summary you will need an online Marketing Strategy! This may sound complex but not if you find a partner to help you. This is simple bread and butter stuff to an online marketing advisor!

Who do I talk to if I want to create a business to consumer storefront similar to this?

You should contact RedTie Limited who will license the software to build web to print storefronts quickly and easily. You can contact them here

How do I create the templates for upload to my storefront?

The RedTie template solution includes a simple to use design window where you can create your own templates. This means your templates will be unique to your storefront and not available on any other competitor website. You start by uploading your static PDF background and then adding in the editable layers in our drag and drop simple to use design window.

Will it take me a long time to create a wide range of print product templates?

Not at all. You can use a feature of RedTie template called cloning. You simply create a print product template and hit the clone button to instantly copy a template. You can then edit that copy to provide a different template version. Tip: if you create a well-designed template product, then you can simply attach a background library of different colours and styles.

How do I make it flexible for the end user to create the product they want?

Offer a good range of print product templates for your target audience. Make it easy for them to navigate to the template that will suit their needs. Offer them a range of different coloured backgrounds and styles. Allow them to upload their own images and logos if they have them. Enable RedTie Template features like auto font sizing to make sure you can accommodate their varying text requirements. Above it make it simple to use.